With over 60 years of insualtion experience, Carinthia is a brand like no other. They manufacture thier own insulation totheir own specification and do so all in thier own EU factory, to ISO standards adn EU working conditions.  Who else does that?
Choose from the best European downs or from Carinthia's superb G-Loft Memory Insulation and experience the performance and confidence that comes with in-house design and development.
Some fo the most well crafted and constructed shoes you will ever wear, Stadler's experience begins in 1930 with traditional shoe making and reaches to today with the latest constrution and styles.
From gentle walking activites traking the most difficult mountain terrain, Stadler will provide you the comfort and durability that lets you enjoy your surrounds.
Crafted in Austria, we recive nothing but praise for these shoes, from wearers and foot specialists.
Download Catalogue
Download Catalogue
It's always the little things that become the most useful and indespensible in life. Powerpax battery Caddies by Storacell are one of those things. Powerpax caddies allow you to safely store and protect all the common battery sizes regardless of output. Did you know it is illegal to carry loose lithium battieries on flights?  Powerpax caddies are approved for the carriage of spare lithium batteries on commercial flights and meet the dangerous goods restictions. Powrpax are in use by Australian government agencies and the Australian Antarctic Division.
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