Carinthia is the world's leading manufacturer of military insulation clohting and sleep systems. In use by over 30 countries including the majority of NATO and Arctic Circle nations, Carinthia is the essence of military function, reliability and durability. Used by Profssionals.
NFM Group leads in the development and provision of specialist combat clothing, load bearing and body armour as a single integrated system.  In co-operation with the Norwegian Army, NFM developed the GARM Flame Resistant (FR) layered clothing system, providing unmatched protection and comfort to users, regardless of terrain, climate or threat.
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If you have ever been dismayed at the reults of a 3 am boot lace-up, then TacLace is for you. Lacing up speedlace boots is now even faster and easier with TacLace. TacLace secures your boot laces comfotable and with ease, keeping laces neatly stowed around the cuff of the boot.
Since 1967, McRae has produced specification footwear for all arms of the US military. Tough, reliable and combat proven, McRae builds reliability and durability into the most most important soldier mobility system, the combat boot.
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